V.Porto D.R Colheita 2008 branco 0.500ml Vinho do Porto

TERROIR In the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region, Quinta da Levandeira do Roncão is
located in the old village of Vilarinho de Cotas, municipality of Alijó, on the right
bank of the Douro River, between 500 and 600 m altitude.
With very rugged terrain, slopes with different slopes varying between 5%
and 45%; acidic soil, of schist origin, with a high degree of stonyness, which
does this in shallow soil that is very poor in organic matter, similar to typical
soil from the Douro region. The vineyard is exposed to the South, therefore the vines
They are exposed to the sun throughout the day, which is reflected in the quality of their maturation.
The most important geological feature responsible for the microclimate of
The Douro region is the mountain range that protects it from the influence of the
Atlantic Ocean, offering a continental climate characterized by hot and dry weather
cold, rainy summers and winters. The average annual temperature is 16°
C and the average annual precipitation is 900 mm.
TASTING NOTES This single harvest white Port aged in oak barrels for 13
years. It presents floral and dried fruit aromas, tangerine peel and wood.
Sweet, rich, soft and full-bodied, with notes of vanilla and honey. Available in
500ml bottles.
Vintage 2008
Grape varieties Malvasia Fina, Rabigato and Gouveio
Winemaker Luís Rodrigues
Alcohol content: 20% vol
Fixed Acidity: 3.40 g/dm
Total Sugars: 133 g /dm

V.Porto D.R Colheita 2008 branco 0.500ml
V.Porto D.R Colheita 2008 branco 0.500ml
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