V.porto Krohn Tawny Vinho do Porto

We recommend serving this wine slightly chilled, ideally at a temperature between 12ºC and 16ºC. Given its particularities, this wine can be enjoyed for an extended period of time after opening the bottle.
bottle. Ideally, we recommend drinking the wine within two months of opening the bottle.

This wine is ready to be consumed and does not need to be decanted. The bottle must be kept upright, protected from light and heat.

Test results
Orange and vibrant color. Nose of ripened fruit, aromas of figs and dried plums, enhanced by the woody character and spicy notes. Round and soft on the palate, highlighting the flavors of the jam.

Follow-up Suggestion
Tawny Port is a delicious dessert wine, and pairs particularly well with flavors of almonds, wild fruits or dark chocolate. It can also be served with intense blue cheeses. It is excellent at the end of a meal, as the culmination of a pleasant evening, served alone, with toasted walnuts or almonds.

V.porto Krohn Tawny
V.porto Krohn Tawny
7.00 €
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