V.Porto Taylor s Very Old Tawny – Kingsman EditionVinho do Porto


Taylor's Very Old Tawny - Kingsman Edition very old and rare Tawny Port, aged for almost nine decades in old oak casks. To create this exclusive and limited edition, Taylor's decided to release some rare and very valuable wines from its extensive reserves of Port wines that age in cask, in their cellars. These reserves include a small treasure trove of priceless and historically very important wines, each representing a very small volume. Some rare jewels in this collection, used only in exceptional circumstances, were carefully selected by Taylor's tasters to produce the Kingsman Edition. The components were meticulously packed, using Taylor's experience in the batch art, and then left to marry for several months in hull until it was decided that the batch had reached its peak of balance and harmony. Presented in an exclusive crystal decanter with gold accents and a luxurious presentation box, Taylor's Kingsman Edition was created not only for Kingsman devotees, but also for connoisseurs and collectors of fine and rare wines from around the world. A very limited number of 700 bottles were produced. The partnership was born out of a meeting of wills between Taylor’s and director Mathew Vaughn, who recognized the common values ​​shared by Taylor's and “The King’s Man”: history, tradition, legacy, obsession with detail and the extraordinary quality of the product. In addition to sharing British traits such as English humor, cunning, elegance and style. This wine is seductive and intense, exhibiting multiple dimensions of an opulent aroma. It opens with a rich confection of molasses and caramel, with notes of almond and dried fig, followed by a spicy complex of vanilla, black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Discreet aromas of cedar and balsam emerge fleetingly from the bottom. The first impression on the palate is of a smooth and velvety texture and a volume and density. In the middle palate, a crisp and vibrant acidity emerges. Flowing on the palate from end to end is an underground stream with a rich, intense flavor and concentrated caramel butter. The extraordinarily long finish leaves a persistent impression of a complex and smooth aroma.

V.Porto Taylor s Very Old Tawny – Kingsman Edition
V.Porto Taylor s Very Old Tawny – Kingsman Edition
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