V.t batuta douro 2003Vinhos do Douro


VINIFICATION 2003 was an extremely hot and dry year, giving rise to more mature wines. However, with the Batuta made an effort to maintain the freshness and elegance of the wine, avoiding as much as possible the aromas of overmaturation. The harvest was made in the first half of September, and a careful choice was made in order to remove all dried or overripe grapes. In this way, it was possible to obtain grapes with a but, above all, balanced. TEST RESULTS Distinctive and impressive on the nose. Despite being very austere, it shows great class and complexity. Full-bodied, but not heavy, with a high concentration of black fruits and spices, it has abundant tannins, but always fine as a result of prolonged macerations. Dense, with a remarkable structure, has a harmony that impresses throughout the race. Very long finish.

V.t batuta douro 2003
V.t batuta douro 2003
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