V.t almundim 0,75Vinhos do Algarve


ALMUNDIM 2013 - Regional Wine of the Algarve (Lagoa) In the past, Ibn-Almundim, the fearsome Arab king who ruled Al-Garb, fell in love with Princess Gilda, a beautiful Christian from the cold northern lands. For his love, he ordered almond trees to be planted throughout the kingdom so that his flowers could kill Gilda's longing for winter snows. Nowadays, Sílvio da Encarnação, Mário Andrade and Carlos Campolargo toast this beautiful story with the wine that, together, they imagined. This is how this quality regional Algarve wine, Almundim, is produced on a plot of land in the municipality of Lagoa

V.t almundim 0,75
V.t almundim 0,75
10.00 €
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