V.b berço douro 0,75Vinhos do Douro

Alves de Sousa Cradle

It was in the high quotas of Medrões, at Quinta da Aveleira, that the Alves de Sousa family was born for wine 5 generations ago. Away from the river. Away from the heat, in the shadow of the Serra do Marão, it was on these slopes that in the early 90s a new look at white grape varieties began. Away from the excesses sought by the generous, little by little we begin to experiment. Planting, plucking and planting again. Gradually drawing the sketches of the dreamed whites. In this way, new facets of a rich and diverse region are discovered, a delicate and elegant Douro, from the highest and freshest lands, with meticulously combined and worked grape varieties, full of minerality and complexity. It was in the cradle of the family that we found the cradle of a new white.

Test results
Straw yellow. Mineral aroma, with notes of lime and light toasted very subtle and with great class. Great complexity and great freshness, with the olfactory notes being repeated in the mouth. Deep delicacy and elegance showing great guarding ability.

Avesso and Arinto.

V.b berço douro 0,75
V.b berço douro 0,75
27.00 €
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