V.b alves sousa pessoal 0,75Vinhos do Douro

Alves de Sousa Personal White

Quinta da Gaivosa has always had a great tradition of white wines. For many years the Alves de Sousa family used their grapes to make white Port wines for some of the most important houses in Gaia. The start of the production of Douro white wines, however, implied profound changes in the vineyards in order to seek freshness and minerality in the white Douros. However, there were still the old Porto Branco vineyards, at the peak of their maturity. Knowing that the natural character of the grapes was quite different from those of a classic white, it was thought then instead of contradicting this natural vocation why not praise it? This was the starting point for one of the most unique wines ever created by Alves de Sousa. A wine that reflects a vigorous Douro, the result of the harshness of the old vines, exacerbated by an unusual treatment, but in keeping with its unique nature. It is the Douro do Alves de Sousa Personal white.

Test results
Golden color with floral aromas, orange peel, cinnamon and other spices. In the mouth it is surprisingly dry, silky and with a great structure. A deeply different unique wine with a very long finish.

Malvasia fino, Viosinho, Gouveio and other indigenous varieties.

V.b alves sousa pessoal 0,75
V.b alves sousa pessoal 0,75
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